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Legacy IT Consultants Limited are an independent organization with many years of experience in the field of IT legacy modernization. We have a comprehensive network of partners that we work with to provide expert advice, modernization programme management and project execution.

We will help you to break down your project into manageable chunks, from an analysis phase, through a simple proof of concept / pilot, and onto the main part of the migration, including the testing. We have an accomplished team of testers, skilled in the latest testing tools, to support your modernization efforts, and we can place these at your disposal either on site or off site.

How we could help you...

The first step in any modernization effort is the recognition that there is a problem. The guy in the corner who looks after everything is not getting any younger, and he talks with affection about the good old days when saving a byte here or there was vital to keep the programs live. His skillset is irreplaceable; they just do not teach that kind of stuff any more, but your entire organization depends on it.

You could just rip out what you have and replace it with a shiny new package, customized of course, but that could result in many years worth of effort and the deterioration of your USP. There are many years of business knowledge and rules embedded into your current systems and databases that you simply cannot afford to lose.

So where do you go for help? There are many vendors out there who can assist, but which one is the best fit for your organization? Who can advise you of the options? Who can manage the project, including the vendor, from start to finish?

That is where Legacy IT Consultants can assist. We will assess your situation and provide introductions to the vendor or vendors that we believe can provide the best solution to your modernization problem. We work with several partners across Europe and North America, and we can also provide programme and project management for the modernization exercise, which tends to be very different to the regular development projects executed by commercial organizations.

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