a small, independent consultancy delivering advice, guidance, support and technical expertise on a variety of projects.

Legacy IT Consultants Limited provide services and expertise to guide organizations through the often daunting task of modernizing legacy IT systems.

Our vast experience covers languages, platforms and databases across a wide range of sectors, including financial services, credit reference, legal, retail, and many more. We can assist with partner selection, due diligence, and the all important discovery.

We will advise on and map out your journey from legacy to the cloud, and all steps in between. Our experience encompasses Mainframe, AS400, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and other major cloud providers.

Most modernizations will take a cautious approach, and we will ensure that all of your systems are covered, and are addressed in the optimum order for your modernization programme.

Our network of partners will provide automation tools to speed up your journey, and we will complement that automation with the “glue” that holds a modernization project together, including programme and project management, technical expertise spanning the “before” and ”after” codebase and platform, and testing strategy and execution. We take particular pride in being able to handle the more niche technologies such as Assembler, Supra and NetData, as well as the more mainstream COBOL, CICS and DB2.

Whatever your legacy modernization journey entails, the first stop should be Legacy IT Consultants Limited.

Our regulatory project experience allows us to provide business project support in many areas, with a particular focus on GDPR and Cyber Security.

We also offer technical support on site and remotely across a range of technologies.


We are very excited to announce that we are working with Unified Digital and the bloodstock industry to expand our cutting edge software application into the US in 2020.

We are also regularly involved in Live Projects to support the computer science students at Manchester Metropolitan University, with projects ranging from SEO on a site that sells artificial turf, to an app that allows users to “collect” the pubs that they visit!

In the local community we are active members of the High Peak Business Club.

Meet the team

Mike Madden
Technical Director

Sally Madden RGN RN DipNS
Operations Director

Gabriella Thompson LL.B (hons)
Head Of Legal