And Cyber Security

Legacy IT Consultants Limited have many years of expertise and knowledge in delivering business and systems change specifically related to regulations such as the Data Protection Act and PCI, and we are also heavily involved in the murky world of Cyber Security. We work with highly regulated businesses to ensure safe and secure data and processes.


Legacy IT Consultants Limited are pleased to announce a collaboration with leading recruitment software provider 3R.

We are working with 3R with input from leading jobs boards and specialist recruitment firm Integrity IT Solutions Limited to ensure that the 3R software can support their customers on their journey towards GDPR compliance.

Our partnership will ensure that all aspects of the GDPR are taken care of, with particular emphasis on those that are problematic in terms of process, or introduce a high risk to the recruitment business.

Our advice is ensuring that the recruiters can manage their candidate and client data in accordance with the GDPR.

  • Existing Database
  • Consents
  • Data Retention
  • The Right To Erasure
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy

Our accompanying ‘GDPR Information Pack For Recruitment’, which will be available to any recruitment organisation, provides advice that can be applied across any recruitment business independent of their CRM. It will also contain an awareness pack, including a poster campaign and presentations broken down into manageable chunks.
The pack will be available from February 2018, with a 25% discount to 3R customers.

We have recently added a legal element to our management team, and will also be able to offer ongoing compliance support in the run up to GDPR enforcement and beyond.

Financial Services

Legacy IT Consultants are pleased to announce an engagement with SBTP Group Limited through Kind Consultancy, to provide oversight on their GDPR activities for their current brands, and to ensure that their future business activity starts on the right path both from a GDPR and technological standpoint.

Legacy IT Consultants Limited continue to work with Instant Cash Loans to ensure that their portfolio of businesses are compliant with the GDPR in time for the May deadline.

  • Consumer Lending
  • Pawnbroking
  • Bought Gold
  • Cheque Cashing
  • Foreign Exchange

We have supported them throughout their GDPR journey, helping to build their team and structure their programme to give them a clear path towards compliance. We even advised them on secure document destruction!


Our other GDPR clients include:-

Lima Networks Limited – cloud and network providers

FCS-Protect – cloud hosting and backup services

Integrity IT – specialist IT recruitment organisation

In addition we provide a GDPR blog for financial services organisation Acceptcards.

The time is now

The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on the 25th May 2018, and it is clear that there are many myths surrounding the EU regulation. At a recent conference an audience of technology leaders were asked whether they have a GDPR related project on their books, and of the 50-60 attendees only one confirmed that they are working on the implementation of GDPR.