Modernising Remotely

We have all been affected in some way by the various lockdowns, and although IT has traditionally been well served by remote working, an occasional on site presence during a lengthy and technically complex modernisation project should not be underestimated. It is your opportunity to ask the difficult questions face to face to gauge the reaction, and from a client perspective it is a reminder that they are dealing with actual people whose aims are the same as their own.

Note to self – avoid AS400 modernisation in the future!

Legacy IT Consultants Limited are always pleased to get involved in other areas, and PubHead is one such venture. Originally submitted as a Live Project for the students at MMU, this handy pub related app has now made it all the way through to production on IOS and Android. Sadly, the world has locked down since then, so we are looking to have a wider launch when the Covid restrictions are lifted.

Buyanom enters its second season, and has perhaps been hampered a little by both Covid and Brexit. The fear of Brexit led to a lot of mares been paired with their respective stallion well in advance, and probably too soon for the re-launch of our site. Undaunted, we will continue to build on our success.

The amazing thing about Legacy is that no matter how old your skillset there is always someone out there who will need you. Currently looking to engage Supra DBA resource for a lengthy contract in Europe.

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