Mainframe Project Solutions

Legacy IT Consultants Limited are pleased to announce that we now provide a full end to end mainframe consultancy. We have been providing bespoke components for many years, on a variety of platforms and covering multiple technologies, but we realise that as the move towards modernization gathers pace the poor old mainframe world is in danger of getting left behind.

The resource pool of mainframe staff is dwindling, a situation that we are keen to address, and we have put together a series of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of even the most demanding mainframe installations.

At an individual level we can supply architects, database administrators, operations staff, project managers, systems and business analysts, developers and testers. Yes, we can even provide expertise in Assembler!

From a project perspective we can provide a managed development or testing service, as well as analysis and documentation for technical and business processes that could include a deep dive into code, scripts and databases.

All of our consultants have extensive mainframe experience, as well as a wider exposure to distributed applications and platforms. We specialize in modernization and migration, but we also offer full life support for your critical mainframe estate.

As a growing organisation Legacy IT Consultants Limited  have established an extensive network of technology and service partners, a network that continues to grow, and where we cannot provide the final solution, we can recommend partners and tooling that are the best fit for your requirements. This encompasses rewrites, refactoring, packaged solutions, migration, and any combination in between.

Most managers within IT will encounter a migration or modernization project maybe once or twice in their careers. We deal with it on a daily basis. We have extensive experience in retail, wholesale, financial services, insurance and many other sectors, so please feel free to give us a call or send us an email for a no obligation discussion about how we can help you.

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